The Harris American Promise

Our promise to you...give us an opportunity to demonstrate how a custom program will significantly reduce your overall spending, and you'll never go back to buying the way you do today!

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We Dig Deeper

Let's say you ask a typical supplier if they offer order approvals...most would just say "Yes". We would instead ask, "Why?" which would lead to your budgetary control concerns. Armed with that knowledge, we would suggest our built in budget tracking and controls, something you didn't even know was available! Taking that extra time to understand your needs makes all the difference!

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We are true to our Commitments

We've all experienced "fake" promises and commitments from those charming call centers. Most likely, we've all been burned by one of them as well. If you think about it, how can a person in an overseas or out of state call center really be in a position to promise anything? Bottom-line, they know it will be your only conversation with them, creating no need for them to really get the right answer. At Harris, you always talk to a live person in our office. They'll take the time to get the right answer for you and will base our commitment on that information. We are here to make you look good and will always do everything to ensure that happens.

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We free you up

Do all the tasks end up on you? How much is it costing your company for you to spend time on these tasks? Is it affecting your ability to get more important things done? There is no need to spend your time researching or finding answers yourself! Send your requests to us and you'll have clear, concise answers back at the speed of lightning! Imagine how great you'll look to your boss!

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We're accessible nearly 24/7

Ok, so maybe not at the wedding...but we do pride ourselves at only being a phone call away. You'll have your salesperson's cell and email, and will be amazed at the hours we'll respond back to you. We focus on the quality of our response in three ways: How quickly you can make contact with us, how soon we respond, and the quality and follow through of our response.

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We empower you

How much are you currently spending each month? How is that money spent? How quickly can you get that information from your current supplier? We can provide you with this information whenever you need it. No need to ask twice, or three times or four. No need to wait weeks and weeks. It's your information and we are happy to provide it anytime!

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We answer to you, not shareholders

That’s why we listen so much better. As your success is ours, we make sure to ask about and understand your short and long term goals so that we always do our part to help you meet and exceed them

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We are more qualified

No call centers here. We know the products we sell, and can translate your needs into specific product choices based on your needs and budget, saving you time and effort, and ultimately, money.

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The bigger the ship, the slower the turn

Decision making at the National Chains takes time, time you should be spending on your own company. We make decisions “speed boat” fast, ensuring we never hold you back.

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It's personal with us

You’ll know your salesperson, often running into them in the local community. These interactions create the highest level of personal responsibility and you will always know how hard your salesperson works for you

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Who's the boss?

You tell us what you want, we design the program to fit your needs. No more fitting into the narrow programs offered by the National chains.

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Buy local

Studies have shown that when you buy from an independent, locally owned business, rather than a nationally owned businesses, significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses, service providers and farms -- continuing to strengthen the economic base of the community.

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Online Ordering

You may think that what you've been offered in the past is all there is. That's just not the case at Harris. We have thousands of ways to customize your ordering experience! Imagine a site that helps you to accomplish your goals quickly and effciently vs. having to fit into a site that can't be modified.

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Our Competency

We know that our competency lies in the knowledge and skills we have in our product and services. We also know that you have experienced what our competitors have to offer and we have done our homework in that area as well. We are often approached by some of the brightest individuals from our competitors (yes Staples and Office Depot), who are seeking a much more customer focused company. Their experiences at the "big box" stores combined with our over 60 years as an independent, allow us to best understand what all types of customers are looking for, and to create programs and solutions like no other in the industry, based on our second-to-none knowledge and skills.