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Why just choose from a catalog, never truly  knowing if you are really getting the item that best fits your all your company's needs (including that always important budget)?


Harris American saves you at every turn by offering the widest selection of office supplies available from a single source. Our printed catalog contains over 30,000 items, and we offer tens of thousands more non-catalog items. We supply all major name-brand manufacturers, as well as an extensive selection of generic and private label products to assist with your short and long term budget goals.

Orders placed by 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday are delivered the next business day. Free next day delivery (minimum order charge may apply). Same-day and rush delivery are also available.


Our Office Supply cost containment programs include these and much more:



When Generic is really a name brand!


Unlike some other generics, our Business Source® brand is manufactured by the same name brands you've been buying for years! This means you get the same quality, but at a generic price! This can significantly reduce your budget without compromising the quality of the products you purchase.

Contact us today to see how generics can cut your bottom-line



If you could only print money with all that toner you buy!


Harris is a Qualified Supplies Partner for HP!  Look to Harris for all your HP needs!

Let's face it, printer toner is expensive!  In fact, other then copy paper, it's normally the largest expensive in the average office.  If you could reduce that expense by 10-60% would you be interested?  At Harris, we carry up to 4 different cartridge options, from OEM to standard compatibles, all fully guaranteed.    

  • OEM - The highest quality cartridges made specifically for your machine by the manufacturer of your machine.
  • Alternate OEM - Slightly less expensive then OEM cartridges...but made by another name brand manufacturer (like Xerox makes cartridges to work in HP machines)
  • Premium Compatibles - When budget and good quality is your concern.  Completely re-manufactured cartridges, typically made in North America by suppliers who invest deeply in technology, ensuring the best possible results when compared to OEM cartridges.
  • Economy Compatibles - When your budget is your only consideration, and you are willing to use catridges that are slightly less consistent in exchange for pricing far below Premium Compatibles.  Typically made overseas.

Let us show you the difference this can make on your budget. 


Contact us today for a FREE toner comparision.


Paper, Paper, Paper and more paper!


Paper is something that everyone needs and is normally one of your largest supply expenses. To address that, we offer multiple quality paper offerings, from name brands to private label to imported paper, all at prices to fit your budget. We offer our various cases of paper, ranging from standard 8 1/2 x 11 to Recycled 11 x 17 all at incredibly discounted prices.

Contact us today to discuss which paper suits your needs.



All the name brands you count on... and all the savings you need!


We've know most of these companies for longer then the chain stores have existed.  They provide us with the best pricing and availability in the industry.  We offer the full width of their products lines and always have our pulse on what's new.    

Contact us today for a FREE comparision.



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Office product of the Month: Pen Pal

Never lose your pen again!  Pen Pal sticks to just about any surface...from your phone to your desk to your car...your pen is never far away!

Contact us for more information on Pen Pal

Customer Testimonial:

What I love about Harris is that, even if I can't find an item on their site, they can often still get it!  I just had to learn to ask!

Matthew R. | July 2017