Office Furniture

Office Furniture


When purchasing a single chair or furnishing an entire office, one size does not fit all!


 Our furniture specialists will help you ask the right questions, research thousands of options, handle even the smallest details, and provide you with options that meet your budget, business objectives and corporate image. 


Our furniture portfolio includes these and much more:



Name brand style and quality with a budget price...introducing Lorrell Furniture


Lorell's® mission is to create solutions that work for you, not only in function, style, and quality but also in price. Their product line is continuously expanding with solutions and products that make sense in today’s offices from the front door to the back..

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Special order furniture...


We carry thousands of special order furniture items, from open the new "open concept" designs, to rolling office walls, to standing desks, to custom fabrics and materials.  If you can dream it, chances are we have a manufacturer who makes it! 

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 Workstation Assessment


When deciding on furniture, don't forget to keep ergonomics in mind.  We can help you design a space that minimizes the potential for employee worker's compensation claims and maximizes employee health and happieness. 

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Furniture product of the Month: Safco Zenergy Ball Chair

Movement keeps your mind open while keeping your body actively engaged while you're problem-solving or casually conversing. This active engagement can potentially help strengthen core muscles and allow natural fidgeting that studies have shown to help increase calorie burn.

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Customer Testimonial:

I had never thought about using an office supply company for furniture until Harris redesigned our last new office.  The experience was so much better then working with the furniture only companies I had used before.  The communication was better, the delivery was faster, and the attention to detail was top notch!  I'll be using Harris for my next project too!

Alexandra V. | March 2017