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The process is extremely simple.  We first come to meet with you, making sure that we find out your overall goals, both short and long term.  We also explain the many ways we can save you.  In that meeting, or shortly after, we ask that you provide us with as many invoices from your current supplier as possible, so that we can develop the best possible pricing program for you.  We then take that information and provide you a side-by-side comparison to your current supplier (that usually takes a week or so).  You are then set up on our incredible ordering site, with the exact specifications that works the best for you...and you are immediately saving!

Harris American is a locally owned business to business office products supplier. We are now one of the fastest growing companies in Southern Califorina. Visit our About Us page for more information.

Professional account management; competitive pricing; experienced customer service; single source supplier; community involvement and a state of the art web site are just a few of the many reasons why doing business with Harris Office Products is the right decision. Visit our Why Harris page for more information.

We carry ALL the same name brand product's that your current vendor supplies. In addition we carry "value added" brand products that offer same quality / lower cost alternatives to some of the name brand products. Your account manager can provide you with a list of these products and explain how we can add them to your ordering favorites.

We will use any and all information you provide us to create a special price list for you. This list will be called your "contract pricing". Together, we will periodically review this list to make sure it always contains the items you use most often. Because our program is built to reduce your overall costs, we do not always expect to be the lowest price on each and every item, but we do guarantee that the overall program we provide will always save you. We are always open to receiving competitive information on items on or off of your "contract" list and will always our best to meet or beat those prices! All we need is your help to let us know!

We deliver over 99% of the items we sell the next day for FREE! Harris Office Products has its own fleet of trucks with drivers that are both professional and courteous. Your company will have the same driver that consistently delivers orders to you. Occasionally, we will use a 2nd party service for delivery in extenuating circumstances.

We have a variety of billing options to suit your needs. We will work with you to determine which flexible billing plan works best for your company.

All standard supplies are delivered next day at no charge. Large furniture deliveries, furniture assembly/unpacking, and special orders may incur delivery and/or assembly fees. These will be discussed at the time of your order. We also understand that from time to time same day delivery is necessary. In the event this need should arise please call us and we will be happy to assist you with your request

We understand that mistakes are made therefore all items in our catalog and internet site are returnable within thirty days of purchase as long as it is in like new condition with all the original packaging (Furniture, Food, Medicine, First-aid, and Special Order products are non-returnable). Additionally, we can occasionally accept a return over 30 days with a restock fee. Please contact us in this situation. When you have a return please notify us and we will pick up the item on our next delivery to your office. Click here to request a return.

Normally, our invoice and packing slip are one-in-the-same and comes with each shipment. However, we can also customize the process for you, including sending invoices monthly. Just let us know, and we are happy to customize a program that works for you.

We are happy to accept credit cards for payment. We also offer the ability for your card to be charged with each shipment, or once each month. Just let us know your preference.

First, we ask that you please verify that a credit is unused. Normally, credits go against the original unpaid invoice...so the best practice is to pay the invoice less the credit. If you have already paid the invoice in full, then you may deduct the amount of the remaining credit against any other open invoice. To do so, please indicate you are using that credit (including the credit number) when making your payment

Yes. Your ordering person can see it already. If you would like a separate "accouting only" login, please have your ordering person contact their Harris salesperson to get it set up for you. Once you have access, you can see and print statements and invoices. Contact Customer Service to sign up for an online account today.

You can use our online form or contact your Harris salesperson or customer service.

Please visit our Return Request page to see our return policy.

Generally, returns are picked up with your next delivery. However, special considerations can be made if the item(s) require an earlier pickup date. Please contact customer service if you need an item picked up before your next order.

Normally, your return is credited against the original invoice...so you then pay that invoice less the return. If you have already paid the invoice in full, then you would deduct the credit (and clearly indicate that deduction) from your next payment.

Most standard supply orders include free shipping!

The following types of orders may include shipping charges:

1. Special Order furniture direct from the manufacturer

2. Orders that do not meet our minimum order amount may be assessed a small order delivery fee (we will notify you prior to any fees).

We deliver to nearly every major city in the continental United States.

Please contact customer serivce to verify our delivery serivce to your location.

We price ourselves on an over 99% next day delivery rate! Occasionally, items may take an extra day, and special order furniture will be quoted with lead times from the factory.

Yes, we do offer assembly serivce.

The charges for assembly vary by item, so please contact customer service to get an assembly quote.

Please note, that having an item assembled will most likely cause your delivery date to be extended.

We are more then happy to accomodate any special delivery requests.  Please notify customer service as soon as possible when placing your order so that we can note it for our delivery driver.

Contact our customer service team or fill out our Open an Account form to request a login.

Our system is intuitive and user-friendly.  However, if you require training, we are more then happy to help in person or over the phone.  Please contact customer service for more information.

Click here to access the "Fogot my Password" link. You can click that link, answer the security question and a temporary password will be emailed to you. Or you can contact customer service and we can send the temporary password or reset the password for you

There are a few reasons you may be getting this message:

1. All login credentials are case sensitive, be sure you have caps lock turned off.

2. If you have tried to login more than 5 times you may be locked out.

You can use the Forgot my password link to reset your password and/or you can contact customer service to either unlock your account or help you with any  login issues.

As we try to offer you as many products as possible, you'll occasionally come accross one that has not yet made it into our searchable database.  However, those items are often still able to be ordered by using the "QUICK ORDER" link on our ordering page. 

This allows you to directly enter the item number into a spreadsheet type order form.  If the item exists in our database, it will still be available there. 

When ordering an item like this, please also send a note to customer service so that we can make sure to make that item searchable next time.

The first thing you will want to try is to click "back" on your internet browser and to try the action again. If it continues to give you an error then please contact customer service with the details of the issue and will will contact you soon to help resolve the error.

You can submit a return request by filling out the Return Items form.

New ship-to addresses must be setup in our back-end system. Please contact customer service to request that a new address be added.

For Custom stamps and signs please contact customer service with the details of your needs and we will get right back to you with further questions.

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