Breakroom Supplies

Breakroom Supplies

Are you running all over town to get your breakroom supplies?  Are you scrambling to find enough breakroom items to order to avoid paying a minimum order charge?


Harris Office Products carries thousands of breakroom supplies!  We carry all you favorites!  We'll help you keep your breakroom well-stocked, which has been shown to be a key factor to keeping your employees and clients happy!  We'll include your breakroom in your regular order, or send them by high minimum orders for free shipping, no strings attached!


Our breakroom programs include these and much more:



When you need more then just a paper plate or two...


Harris carries so many varieties of paper plates, silverware, napkins, table covers, paper towels, and nearly every other thing you may use in your breakroom.  Our motto: if you don't think we carry it, just ask!

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Avoid worker's compensation claims due to your employees lifting water and soda!


Sending an employee out to buy water and soda may seem like a way to cut your budget.  However, it exposes you to a huge amount of risk!  Water and Soda are heavy, and if you employee hurts themself, you've got a claim on your hands!  Let us deliver your water and soda for the same price or better then you've been paying in retail stores...with no delivery fees!  We carry nearly every brand of soda, water and other assorted beverages

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It's snacking time!


There is no better way to keep your employees happy and productive then to provide snacks!  With snacks on hand, your employees are less likely to leave the office for extended breaks, making them more readily available and more productive.  We carry a vast array of snacks, from those favorites we all know, to newer healthier alternatives.  If you have a favorite you would like us to supply, just let us know!

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Breakroom product of the Month: Talking Rain Sparkling Water

We start with pure, natural water, add carbonation and 100% natural fruit essences to create 10 distinctly thirst-quenching flavors! It's a sparkling refreshment with just the right amount of natural fruit flavor. TalkingRain has been committed to giving back to the community and partnering with cause related organizations since we first opened our doors in 1987—supporting hundreds of nonprofits across the country. Philanthropy is a big part of the culture and a major focal point of company success.

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Customer Testimonial:

We used to order from another supplier, who charged us a delivery fee if we didn't get to $200 worth of breakroom and janitorial supplies.  We still thought we were getting a great deal and didn't realize how those extra charges added up for the little items we would need inbetween larger orders.  Now, ordering all of that with Harris means no delivery charges even when we just need a few things! 

G. Brought | March 2018