About Us

About Us


Originally founded as Harris Stationers in 1955 and American Office Products in 1942, Harris American has grown to become the largest supply dealer headquarted in the Los Angeles area.  Despite our name change, our story and our values remain the same: we are still family-owned and operated, we use our flexibility and experience to design complimentary custom programs for each and every customer, we work our hardest every day to provide outstanding service to our customers, and we offer incredibly competitive pricing on a broad range of products and solutions.


The Harris American team combines a breadth of knowledge, expertise and professionalism that is unmatched in the industry, enabling us to offer the most complete and most custom solutions to your organization. Our management team has over 125 years of combined experience in the office supplies, furniture, and technology products and services industry. We put this expertise to work everyday to ensure we are always exceeding your expectations.


Key Facts:

  • EXPERIENCE - how's 75+ years in business sound? We've adapted to each and every market change, and continue to grow and thrive. Our people have over 150 years of combined experience in the industry...that's an average of over 10 years per person!

  • RELATIONSHIPS - we've known all of the major manufacturer's since before the National Chains were even an idea in someone's head. They value our long-term partnership and support us with the best pricing and service in the industry!

  • OVERHEAD - with no shareholders, no stadiums with our names on them, and no multi-million dollar bonuses to pay, our incredibly low overhead means the best prices for you!


Visit our WHY HARRIS AMERICAN page for more reasons why you should partner with us!


Why Positive Energy?

At Harris American we know that Positive Energy is contagious.  That's why we have made that a major focus for us.  We are experts at bringing Positive Energy to your workplace! As your business partner, we’re not simply trying to offer you products or services at the “lowest prices”. We don’t see you as an account number, but as an individual and an organization who has specific needs and who desires a positive experience. We listen to you and ask questions...all to make sure we cater to your company’s needs and move mountains to bring you the products, services and solutions you deserve!



With distribution facilities across the United States, we can deliver to nearly every city in the continental United States.

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Stocking vs. Non-Stocking...the difference

Unlike non-stocking dealers, we stock over 4,000 items on our own shelf that we have purchased directly from the manufacturers.  Non-Stocking dealers must rely solely on wholesalers (who, of course, must make money too, increasing the cost to the dealer, who must then pass it on to you).  Our strong inventory position allows us to compete at all levels and to pass our savings on to you!  Don't know if your current supplier stocks or not?  Ask them for a tour of their facility!  Our doors are always open and we hold an annual Open House to further showcase our facility.

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Customer Testimonial:

Switching to Harris American has made a huge difference for us!  Ordering is so much easier and they are so responsive to everything I ask for!

Judy A. | June 2014